Isabelle Côté Thérapeute en relation d'aide
Isabelle Côté, Counseling Therapist by ANDC

A mother of three, Isabelle is passionate about human relationships and psychology. In 2010, she attended a training program at the Centre de Relation d’Aide de Montréal. Driven by a desire to continually expand her knowledge and expertise, Isabelle became an accredited therapist specialising in relationship aid (Thérapute en relation d’aideMD) with the Non-directive creative approach (ANDC). Graduating from a training program of over 3 000 hours in the Non-directive creative approach, Isabelle is a certified individual therapist, a couple’s / dyadic therapist, a children’s and teens’ therapist and a professional consultant. During her training, the focus of Isabelle’s research was the search for self-worth. Presently, Isabelle utilises her expertise in communication to empower clients to achieve both their personal and professional goals using self-worth techniques.

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