I have been trained and certified to help clients in positions of authority with their communication skills. It is my utmost pleasure to assist you in attaining your goals, objectives and expressing your full potential.

Who would benefit from consultations?

  • Owner-operators, executives, administrators, management, supervisors, entrepreneurs, etc.
  • Care professionals
  • Teachers, doctors, nurses, social workers, law enforcers, psychotherapists, naturopaths, guidance counsellors, nutritionists, etc.

What is the process?

Sessions are one hour. The number of sessions is tailored to your needs, generally I suggest five weekly sessions. For certain objectives, such as resolving an issue with a specific client, one session is typically sufficient to identify the obstacle and develop solutions to implement.

How do I prepare for the first session?

  • The first session is dedicated to formulating goals and objectives.
  • Here is an example of possible objectives:
  • I’d like to facilitate the improvement of interpersonal relationships within my team.
  • I’d like to learn how to evaluate my employees in a way which helps them reach their full potential.
  • I’d like to help a highly productive employee who is presently creating toxicity within the team.
  • I’d like to be promoted to a management role.
  • I’d like to learn how to communicate effectively with my employees.
  • I’d like to prepare myself for the transfer of my business to my children.
  • I’d like to effectively help a student who is disruptive in class.
  • I’d like to discover why I’m disturbed by patients experiencing stress.
  • I’d like to better assist a patient who continually asks for my help.

Afterwards, I will assist you in deepening the understanding of your objectives and making them easily attainable. Optimal results are obtained when objectives are clear and satisfy your needs.

One of the objectives of business consultation is to determine actions which will effectively solve issues with ease and rapidity. Through the structure of my questions, we will identify and develop possible solutions which will ultimately help you achieve your professional objectives and career success. This process provides a more humane approach while achieving maximum results. These management and response techniques will prove beneficial to your clients, employees and your well-being.