Individual therapy

As a therapist, I have been offering individual therapy to adults for over seven years. Regardless of orientation or gender, I am skilled at helping you achieve well-being.

What is the process?

Sessions are one hour. Generally, I suggest ten weekly sessions to begin. It is possible to follow a bi-monthly schedule if you have either time or other constraints. Also, there are alternate schedules which may be discussed beforehand.

How do I prepare for the first session?

The first session is dedicated to formulating goals and objectives. If you wish to commence individual therapy, it is of great benefit to reflect upon what you wish to accomplish in therapy. Here are a few examples of objectives:

  • I would like to release control over my child’s decisions.
  • I would like to be at peace with the loss of a loved one.
  • I need to find myself following a separation or divorce.
  • I would like to make a career change.
  • I would like to be less anxious or stressed.
  • I would like to be more confident.

After the initial session, I will help you explore your objectives in-depth and help make them readily attainable.

What happens during a session?

One of the objectives of the therapeutic process is a deeper understanding of self. Therapy is time just for you. During the session, you will come to know yourself more profoundly by exploring defence mechanisms, limitations, needs and how your past relationships are affecting your now. You will recognize your strengths, resources, skills and achievements. Solutions will reveal themselves and I will help you take action to achieve balance in your life. The goal is to make choices which are in alignment with your needs, desires and true self.

Therapy brings lasting change to the lives of those who follow the path less travelled towards self-love. This does not mean you will not experience moments of non-alignment however you will be equipped with the necessary tools to effectively regain your equilibrium, alignment and deliberate intent during moments when it is lost. I hope this will encourage you to seek the help you desire to overcome what you are presently experiencing and to attain well-being in your life.